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Our Services

We help you get the right people in the right positions doing the right
things, producing superior results!

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Hiring Solutions

Sourcing Partner

We are not a recruiting or staffing firm. We are your sourcing partner! At Qualified HR, we help you architect and implement a successful hiring process and we guarantee the results!

Let us help you with the heavy lifting so you and your team can focus on your business and only deal with qualified candidates. We have expertise to deliver exceptional solutions for finding and hiring top candidates that are the right fit for you and your organization. We provide:

Extensive, proven tools for finding and attracting top talent

Development of winning job descriptions and hiring profiles based on skills required for the job

Strategic creation and placement of custom job ads on proven job sites

Detailed and thorough screening and vetting of your exclusive candidates so your time is not wasted

Presentation of only the top, qualified candidates, saving you valuable resources

90-day performance guarantee on your new hires

Cost reduction to hire (to less than 10%) by serving as your sourcing partner

Training Partner

What we provide is different than typical recruiting and staffing firms! We will teach you and your team what we do and how we do it, including proven assessments, workflows, processes, technology tools, hiring scripts, successful interviews, and more.

Do you want to learn our proven tools and processes? With Qualified HR, you’ll be equipped and ready to find, engage, and retain top talent, resulting in reduced costs, lower turnover, and increased job fulfillment for you and your people!

Applicant Reviews

Would you like a highly qualified third-party perspective on candidates you’re considering for a job position?

Qualified HR has performed thousands in-depth applicant and employee reviews. We understand the challenges and how much time this process takes. We can help you!

Employee Reviews

Are you having challenges identifying the root cause of poor employee performance?

Through our proven process, we can quickly review, analyze, and recommend successful solutions that save you time and money. From our assessment, you’ll be equipped to determine if the employee is the right fit for your team and organization.

Strategic Planning

Make your work life easier with a strategic plan that guides your decisions!

We work with you to align your team and build a winning culture by helping you clarify your vision, values, and develop a strategic plan.

Includes a strategic people plan to address transitions, growth opportunities, and alignment of work and success metrics to the specific positions.

Leadership Development & Team Building

Whether you are looking to grow as a leader or wanting to learn ways to appreciate, engage,
and further develop your teams — we have solutions for you!

Increased Communication — Behavioral Assessments

Equip your team members to learn their natural strengths and how mastering them will help maximize their relationships, communication, and work success.

Training & Leadership Development — Highlands
Ability Battery

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) offers a comprehensive series of interactive, virtual work samples, giving you an objective, in-depth report of each individual’s inherent, natural abilities. As a result, you will gain practical insights for improving performance and work satisfaction.

Why Us?

We’ve spent a lifetime in organizations, and understand both the successes and pain
along the way. At Qualified HR, we also understand that the true success of any
organizations is directly related to the success of the people. We know how to address
people problems and we have proven, measurable solutions to help you, your people,
and your organization win! We are experienced, highly qualified, and passionate about
serving you, and we guarantee our work and services.

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